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HP Inc discusses secure MPS

January 20, 2017

hplogonewThe OEM has discussed how its MPS “protects businesses in a hacking world”.

In a sponsored article accompanied by an explainer video (see below) on Business2Community, the OEM stated that “hacking is the imminent threat that affects persons and businesses equally”, with data security breaches causing “much angst for a company’s public relations team”, but noted that its secure MPS is “not just about securing a company’s printer”, as it “focuses on protecting the company’s entire network with the assistance of real-time threat detection, automated monitoring, and built-in software validation that no other competitor offers”.

The OEM has a “greater focus than its competitors on helping customers optimise document workflows and business processes with an industry-specific focus”, and pointed out that businesses shouldn’t “let these real threats affect your business”. It added that printers “are one of the most potentially-viable points of entry in a business’ IT infrastructure that is vulnerable for that business”, with 60 percent of companies having “experienced a data breach involving their printers”.

In turn, 26 percent of “all significant data breaches reported by IT managers” involved printers, so “there is a growing need for businesses to invest in their document security”. On some of the “specific threats”, HP Inc names “unclaimed printed output and potential data leaks” as “potential security breaches”, with this concerning “unauthorised access to printed documents that contain a company’s confidential information as well as personal information for employees and customers”.

These types of breaches “have seen equal media attention with companies having embarrassingly lost customer and employee personal information to hacking”, with HP Inc’s “unique benefits” including “innovative hardware, software solutions, and services that benefit the company’s print environment” through “predictability, protection, and productivity”.

Its strengths meanwhile include “comprehensive security services […] planning workshops” and two products: HP Imaging and Printing Security Centre, and the Security Advisory Services. MPS can allow a business to “enhance their printing environment to increase user and IT productivity”, as well as “cut costs, manage its environment more closely and address security and workflow needs”.

The OEM noted that IT professionals “do not want to spend time or effort on printers or printer security when there are greater concerns”, and added that an IT manager “suffers from overwork as there is a great difficulty in handling every aspect of technology”, while there is also “the pressure to provide up-to-date technology and security measures to meet the needs of internal customers”.

Though new printers “can help provide increased productivity”, HP Inc believes that its security “monitoring and management solutions identify vulnerabilities and establish a single policy to protecting data, strengthening compliance and reducing risk”. Its secure MPS “safeguards against securities for devices, data and documents”, and it notes that some threats include “malicious threats from outside the company; exposure of documents at the device; exposure of documents sent to and from the device; unauthorized use; and exposure of device settings or ports”.

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