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HP Inc discusses Colombian launches

November 28, 2016

The OEM has introduced a line of PageWide printers and its anti-counterfeiting programme to Columbia.


The PageWide printers are inkjet and are said to be “better quality than many laser printers”, and print with speed, reported Finance Columbia. HP Inc’s Marcela Fonseca said that Colombia has the available technology that companies desire and that the PageWide printer. Fonseca said that the printer is fast because of the 24,000 nozzles, the ink does not run and pages can be printed at 75ppm. She also said that colour printing is cost-effective, and that businesses could now make a choice between laser and inkjet or a “mixture of both”.

When Fonseca was asked what advantage a traditional laser printer has over PageWide, she replied that the colour was an office colour, and that an office may require a sharper image, which laser may provide depending on the presentation needed. However she said that PageWide technology “is ink” and that the different technology is “generating greater economy in office colour and at greater speed”.

She then went on to discuss the anti-piracy programme, saying that it has been designed to “let clients know that they can turn to this programme when they suspect that the product is not original toner and it might be one of the alternative products — like the remanufactured, refilled, or fake ones”. Reports can be made to an HP Inc team who will further investigate the problem.

Fonseca said that according to statistics, customers are buying fake products without realising and that this tool would help them to check products. She said that the toner boxes have holograms, and a code which can be checked to make sure they are not fake. She continued by saying that counterfeits or fakes had been a problem in Colombia, but that HP Inc have a team that investigate and confiscate these products and that many gangs have been caught. Fonseca’s message was that HP Inc have the tools to help customers protect themselves from fake products.


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