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HP Inc begins shipping 3D printers

December 9, 2016

The OEM has begun sending out its Jet Fusion 4200 machines to “co-development partners”.

HP Inc's 3D team celebrates shipping the first device

HP Inc’s 3D team celebrates shipping the first device

TCT Magazine reported that the partners receiving the machines “were those who made a public commitment” to the technology, and that these partners – in Europe and North America – will receive the “short-run manufacturing” devices as “initial installations”. The devices are “integrated end-to-end” solutions “designed to address many of [the] problems existing 3D printing technologies have”, the website added.

Additionally, HP Inc is said to “believe their new printing system is a complete solution, encompassing easy-to-use software that removes existing 3D file format challenges” while also “streamlin[ing] the print preparation and job monitoring processes, through accurate build-time estimations, automated packing and embedded quality checks”. Each machine’s open platform “aims to improve materials diversity and performance, ultimately reducing cost”.

At this time, the machines use the OEM’s 3D High Reusability PA12 “strong, multi-purpose thermoplastic” filament, which “optimises cost and part quality”, with “more materials […] set to follow in the future”. HP Inc has also signed agreements with Evonik for a “plastic powder” and confirmed other “materials partners” such as BASF, Arkema and Lehmann and Voss.

Ramon Pastor, Vice President and General Manager of HP Inc’s Multi Jet Fusion business, commented: “Six months ago we unveiled the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, as well as a list of visionary companies looking to join HP on the journey toward the next industrial revolution. As installations of the products begin to ramp up, we expect our co-development partners to unveil game changing parts and innovative materials with unprecedented quality and cost savings.”

HP Inc first mentioned 3D printing two years ago before the old company split into HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, announcing the launch earlier this year, before having to deny it had plans for firmware on the devices. Most recently, it reported that it would be using 3D-printed components within the machines themselves.

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