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HP highlights sustainable MPS programme

September 2, 2020

HP said it now has the planet’s most comprehensive carbon neutral Managed Print Service offering for HP-branded devices, making it simple for customers to advance climate change goals and be more productive   ?  without business disruption.

The OEM announced that its Managed Print Service end-to-end solutions for HP-branded devices can help businesses reduce and offset the carbon impact of printing by:

  • Optimising customers fleet to reduce carbon emissions
  • Estimating the total carbon emissions from customers’ HP-branded printing solution using HP’s proprietary Sustainable Impact Reporting and Analytics (SIRA) tool
  • Improving resource efficiency by 13%
  • Decreasing ecosystem impacts by 12%
  • Reducing paper waste by 25%
  • Offsetting 100% of greenhouse gas emissions

HP partners with leading organisations to verify emissions and drive investment in socially conscious projects that support communities, biodiversity conservation, wind power and native forest regeneration. Examples include the Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve in Indonesia, Kulera forests in Malawi and the Sichuan biodigester in China.

HP said it continues to move toward a sustainable future for printing that is forest positive, carbon neutral and supportive of a circular economy. By reducing carbon emissions across our entire value chain and investing in carbon offsets, HP is stepping up to address the lifetime carbon footprint of every HP print solution.

HP is advancing on its goal for Managed Print Service to be carbon neutral by 2025.

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