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HP CEO envisions bright future

June 25, 2018

In an interview with Fortune, the OEM’s helmsman, Dion Weisler, has forecast strong growth for the company.

Following “six straight quarters of double digit earnings growth”, the CEO “says he expects the momentum to continue”, which is why he opted to raise the company’s profit outlook for 2018.

“There’s no single pill. No magic,” he says. “Lots of focus in lots of different areas. When you put it all together, it enables us to grow faster than our competitors.”

HP currently weighs in at number 58 on the Fortune 500 list of America’s biggest industrial companies and rakes in an annual revenue of $52 billion (€44.5 billion). Rumours are even surfacing that HP could set its cap at a merger with Xerox, following the recent failure of Xerox’s proposed multibillion dollar deal with Fujfilm, although Weisler has downplayed this speculation.

“We’re really focused on what we’re doing now,” he said“I think we have a really complete portfolio that will enable us to compete.”

As recent headlines reveal, part of what HP is “doing now” is expanding its 3D capabilities. The OEM recently opened a new 3D printing centre in China, in collaboration with Guangdong 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform. Weisler “is a big believer in the future of 3D printing and he sees an opportunity to disrupt the $12 trillion (€10.2 trillion) manufacturing market”, though this could take between five and ten years to achieve.

“I’m absolutely convinced we’re on the cusp of the next Industrial Revolution,” he commented.


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