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HP celebrates 311 million manufactured cartridges in 2010

November 29, 2011

The OEM has been celebrated for 2 billion pounds of recycled electronic products since 1987, including nearly 311 million cartridges with recycled content. 

HP celebrated the manufacture of nearly 311 million ink and toner cartridges during the commemoration of recycling a touted 2 billion pounds of electronic products and supplies on America Recycles Day, reports Finchannel.

Engelina Jaspers, HP Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, commented on the pioneering of “a ‘closed loop’ cartridge recycling process which incorporates recycled cartridge materials back into new Original HP ink and Laserjet toner cartridges.

“HP manufactured nearly 311 million ink and toner cartridges that contained recycled content.”

Jaspers also lionised HP’s Planet Partners programme, which operates in 58 countries and territories and enables HP to “recycle more used IT equipment than any other company.”

HP has recently increased cartridge shredding in the Middle East, as 25 public and private schools in Dubai join the Planet Partners scheme.

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