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HP announces NFC device for printers

October 2, 2013

hp_1200w_mobile_print_accessory_horizontal_angle-100056392-largeThe box, which plugs into printers, allows users to use NFC to send data and print.

PC World reported that while HP “wasn’t the first” OEM to take on the idea of near-field communications (NFC), it’s “catching up fast”, with the release on Tuesday 1 October of the new 1200w Mobile Printing accessory, a little box that attaches to the USB port to bring NFC capability to the printers.

The 1200w works with both LaserJet and Officejet printers that were made from 2008 or later (assuming the rear USM port is free, as most printers use Ethernet or another connection). When the 1200w ships in early December, it will have a promotional price of $40 (€29.55), which is a nice discount from its regular price of $50 (€36.94).

The idea behind this device is that users would plug it in, and then print from their phone. The reality “may take a little more doing”, added PC World, though HP says it’s worked closely with Apple, Microsoft and Samsung to embed a printing app into the companies’ mobile operating systems.

In the case of Microsoft, the embedded app is for Windows 8, but not Windows Phone. If a user’s phone isn’t one of the three mentioned, they can still use HP’s ePrint mobile app, though this is said to not be as efficient as being able to “touch-and-print”, as with other NFC machines from Brother and Samsung.

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