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HP and Samsung team up on mobile printing app

March 20, 2013

The two OEMs have worked together to create a new embedded app.

Samsung's new Galaxy S4 phone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 phone

The VAR Guy reported that the app will allow Samsung phone or tablet users to print from their devices straight to an HP printer on a local network or through wireless direct print.

The collaboration between the two came from, according to HP, a “common need for today’s mobile user” to print on demand from any location, and the “embedded solution” is said to be different to other apps in that “it doesn’t require any setup, tools, drivers or network configuration adjustments to a mobile device”.

The app, which will be featured in Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone, will also be featured in an upgrade for the phone manufacturer’s Galaxy SIII and Note II, allowing both devices to utilise the wireless printing capability. The app also supports device setting and other options including duplexing, colour settings, page orientation and paper type,

The app will work by users selecting what they want to print, then choosing the device on a Wi-Fi network or through direct link, and simply clicking print. It will be compatible with 200 printer models from the OEM, both inkjet and laser, and applications the app will be built-in to include the photo gallery, contacts, emails and browser, with file formats supported including JPG, PNG, HTML, PDF and MS Office.

Stephen Nigro, Senior Vice President of HP’s Inkjet and Printing Solutions, Graphics Solutions, Printing and Personal Systems Group, stated: “Customers continue to look for ways to print from their smartphones and tablets. This partnership with Samsung is the latest example of how HP is making it easy to print what you want from wherever you are.”

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