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How to fundraise without selling things

October 20, 2017

Burlington Fire Department Vehicle Rescue Team (Copyright: Greentec)

Greentec blog revealed how it managed to raise funds and contribute to the community and the environment without having to sell anything.

Greentec has published a blog demonstrating how to fundraise without selling anything, and how it enabled people to “provide a service to your community that also helps protect our environment and the privacy of electronic device users”.

Greentec partnered with the Burlington Fire Department, in southwestern Ontario, Canada, to raise funds for their vehicle rescue team. The Fire Department “serves a community of over 180, 000” and its Vehicle Rescue Team “supports the highly trained staff who respond to motor vehicle emergencies”.

Recently this team made a journey to Romania and also to Nova Scotia “to participate in vehicle rescue competitions”; each team member donated an average of 10 hours of volunteer training and fundraising per week during the spring to autumn period. It is required that each team member completes a two-year tour.

A team of six flew out to Europe, to Nova Scotia and then home; the funds for this trip were raised through an e-waste disposal campaign “made possible by a partnership with Greentec”.

For this campaign, Greentec “provided e-waste recycling bins that were placed at three of the fire department’s eight locations”; these bins were promoted by the Vehicle Rescue team through social media and other channels of communication.

Fundraising donors dropped off their unwanted electronics, which were collected and “securely processed to extract the maximum monetary value” and then disposing of any unwanted materials in an “environmentally-sound way”.

Greentec sent the team a cheque for their fundraising campaign with every collection and processing.

So far Greentec has been helping communities and organisations with “hassle-free, no selling required fundraising solutions through e-waste collection and recycling” for more than 15 years.  

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