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‘Honest’ solutions are best for single-use plastics

August 8, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) encourages companies to find an ‘honest’ single-use solution and has spoken out regarding the different end of life solutions for single-use plastics.

ECS has encouraged companies to consider the end of life solution for their used plastics and other waste items, in particular single-use plastic toner and printer cartridges, due to clear evidence that a vast majority of ‘recycled’ waste is not actually being recycled.

The remanufacturer and recycler insists that although having a recycling scheme is important in order to comply with the WEEE Directive, a company will not actually be considered compliant if their waste is not being dealt with correctly by their recycler. The company has warned that if a recycling service being used is not dealing with waste in the right way, it is not only the recycling service that will be prosecuted or fined, but also any company found to be using their services.  

The announcement from ECS arrived after a number of reports have surfaced recently regarding waste from overseas having to be returned to the UK. In a lot of cases, non-compliant waste services will just send your recycled waste straight to landfill or to a rubbish dump overseas, which isn’t an answer to the global plastic waste crisis.

Operations Director Adam Lighton went on to say: “Compliancy is a legal requirement, but simply using a recycling scheme doesn’t necessarily cover you. When enquiring about, or using a recycling service make sure that you find answers regarding where your waste is going once it’s been collected and what happens to it. For single-use plastic printer and toner cartridges it’s vitally important that they don’t end up in landfill.”

ECS’s solution to single-use-plastic is their recycling scheme; The Greener Side. The Greener Side confirms it ensures that all printer and copier cartridges are recycled correctly and avoid landfill or incineration. The company says it guarantees that the majority of cartridges that they receive are cleaned and remanufactured, ready to be used again.

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