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Helping to understand electronics counterfeiting

April 11, 2019

A new report on counterfeiting within the electronics industry has been made available by brand intelligence company Red Points.

“The counterfeiting of consumer electronics has been rife for many years,” Red Points explains, highlighting the growth of the internet as one contributing factor to this “boom.”

The company’s newly-available market research examines the world of electronics counterfeiting, as well as the shopping habits of consumers, and the perceptions of brands within the industry, as it attempts to “cover the entire buyer journey and understand what leads consumers to buy fake electronics.”

The report found that the majority of consumers buying fake products had originally sought to purchase an authentic item, with most consumers recommending not to buy from a brand if they themselves had bought a counterfeit product by mistake.

Further findings in the report show that almost a fifth of consumers have purchased counterfeit electronics over the internet, while two-thirds of consumers to have bought fakes were satisfied with their purchase.

To read Red Points’ report in full, click here.

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