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Half-Year increases for Brother

November 6, 2018

The OEM has published its financial results for the first half of the current fiscal year, ending September the 30th, with the Japanese company seeing a rise in profits.

The firm’s operating profit rose in HY1 to ¥38.03 billion ($336.1 million/€294.8 million), a 21.5 percent increase on the figure of ¥31.31 billion ($276.7 million/€242.7 million) from the equivalent period of last year.

Profit before income taxes also rose, from ¥31.58 billion ($279.1 million/€244.8 million) to ¥38.4 billion ($339.3 million/€297.7 million), a climb of 21.6 percent, while profit for the period rose to ¥28.69 billion ($253.5 million/€222.4 million), from ¥22.96 billion ($202.9 million/€178 million) in 2017, a 24.9 percent rise.

There was slight drop in Brother’s revenue, however, which fell 0.8 percent from last year, from ¥346.4 billion ($3.06 billion/€2.68 billion) to ¥343.6 billion ($3.03 billion/€2.66 billion).

Comprehensive income for the period also fell, tumbling 26.9 percent to ¥33.37 billion ($294.9 million/€258.6 million) from ¥45.62 billion ($403.1 million/€353.6 million).

Concurrently, Brother also released its financial results for Q2 of the current year (July to September), which presented a slightly different picture: Operating profit fell from ¥18.7 billion ($165.2 million/€144.9 million) to ¥15.7 billion ($138.7 million/€121.7 million), profit before income tax dropped from ¥18.6 billion ($164.3 million/€144.1 million) to ¥15.9 billion ($140.5 million/€123.2 million), and profit for the period decreased from ¥13.6 billion ($120.2 million/€105.4 million) to ¥12 billion ($106 million/€93 million).

Revenue also fell in Q2, to ¥172.5 billion ($1.52 billion/€1.33 billion) from ¥178.6 billion ($1.57 billion/€1.38 billion) in the same period of 2017.

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