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Greentec discusses disposal of electronics

January 17, 2017

The recycler pointed out three things to think about when throwing out electronics.greenteclogo

The company noted in an article that Christmas is a time when a lot of technology and electronics are replaced by new versions, and it advised that before throwing out the old to make room for the new, people should look at three things to consider first. Firstly, it recommends that you never throw anything away: instead recycle, and electronics should not find their way to landfills as there are many parts and precious metals that can be removed and sold.

This cuts down on mining practices and helps preserve the planet. In other cases, electronics can be saved, refurbished and resold. Secondly, Greentec asks if users know what happens to “passwords, photos, messages and other sensitive information” when disposing of old or damaged equipment, and that “wiping” machines does not “destroy data”. Recycling with a reputable company can prevent personal information being stolen, and may even prevent people breaking the law.

Lastly, locations of recyclers are not always close to home, but many do partner with various generators for safe, convenient and secure disposal. For instance, Greentec partners with Canadian Tire and Habitat for Humanity, who collect the e-waste, and businesses can connect with the company to find solutions to keep their e-waste out of landfills, and may even earn money through disposal.


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