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Government spend reported

February 8, 2017

The Jersey government spent over £500,000 ($624,141/€585,944) on printing in six months.pounds

ITV reported that over a six-month period the Jersey government spent over half a million pounds on printing, and that the highest printing costs came from the education and health departments. The department of education spent £242,000 ($302,084/€283,597) on printing, while the department of health spent £163,000 ($203,470/€191,017).

The chief minister’s department spent £15,000 ($18,724/€17,578), and other departments spent large amounts as follows: community and constitutional affairs £31,563 ($36,988/€33,399); economic development, tourism, sport and culture £7,717 ($9,633/€9,043); infrastructure £21,400 ($26,713/€25,078); environment £9,421 ($11,760/€11,040); social security £20,942 ($26,141/€24,510); treasury and resources £29,721 ($37,100/€34,829); and state assembly and its services £13,144 ($16,407/€15,403).

Other department spends included: office of the lieutenant governor £563 ($702/€659); judicial greffe £11,199 ($13,979/€13,123); comptroller and auditor general £456 ($702/€659); probation and after-care service £1,881 ($2,348/€2,204); official analyst £340 ($424/€398); bailiff’s chambers £1,861 ($2,323/€2,180); and finally, law officer’s department £14,850 ($18,537/€17,402).

“The large costs remain despite attempts to shift towards paperless meetings”, ITV added, noting that these figures came from an FOI (Freedom of Information) request submitted to the States of Jersey.



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