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GM Technology supplies Spanish Royal Guard

September 16, 2019

The company announced that it has been awarded the MPS contract to supply the Spanish Royal Guard with 40 new Sindoh MFPs.

The Madrid branch of GM Technology has signed a contract with the Spanish Royal Guard to supply Sindoh printing equipment and services for the next two years which includes 40 new Sindoh multifunction devices.

GM Technology took to LinkedIn to announce the deal and said: “The contract will allow Sindoh devices to be installed in the prestigious rooms of the Spanish Royal Guard, an organisation that mainly provides military guard services to the Royal House. Congratulations to the Delegation of Madrid GM Technology for this great achievement!”

Talking about the installed machines, GM Technology said that its Sindoh D310 model is the best innovative solution for offices, a multifunction A3 colour equipment that stands out for its efficiency and productivity. It is a customised office solution for highly efficient work, respectful of the environment and low consumption. Its high performance allows you to print at a speed of 22 pages per minute, being fast and quiet at the same time. Its innovative and stylised design combines with a 7-inch colour touch panel, an easy-to-use interface and a USB memory for printing, as well as being compatible with multiple accessories.

GM Technology added: “The success of this contract demonstrates the efforts of the team of professionals, specialists in sales and public procurement, who do an impeccable job in presenting the tendered projects.”

The company also recently announced that it will be supplying 1,100 Sindoh printers to health centres for the next five years, as part of an awarded MPS contract by the Health Logistics Platform of Seville.

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