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GM Technology receives certifications

July 4, 2019

The company announced that its original remanufactured toner cartridges have been accredited with ISO 19752, ISO 19798, and DIN 33870 quality certifications.

GM Technology’s original remanufactured toner products have been accredited with the ISO / IEC 19752, ISO / IEC 19798, and DIN 33870 certifications by the Bureau Veritas to guarantee the performance, durability and product preparation process.

“The certificates issued by the Bureau Veritas confirm the high standard that governs our work by developing the original remanufactured products and measuring the print quality of them”, GM Technology explained.

The rigor and consistency of these standards, ISO / IEC 19752, ISO / IEC 19798, and DIN 33870, approved by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and endorsed by Europe, represent an advance in the provision of information on product performance and provides important benefits to consumers and manufacturers in the printing sector.

“At GM Technology we work with rigorous criteria that ensure the quality of our original remanufactured product, thus complying with all the requirements imposed by Europe to sell remanufactured products”, the company added.

The ISO / IEC 19752 standard defines the method to determine the performance of toner cartridges for monochrome printers. This means that the GM Technology brand meets the highest standards of the international manufacturing community.

The ISO / IEC 19798 standard which determines the performance of cartridges for colour printers, also guarantees the highest quality of each cartridge.

And the DIN 33870 standard which contains requirements for the preparation of filled toner modules for four-colour printers, specifies the minimum characteristics for optimal operation during the use of the cartridge. All testing and testing methods of the GM original remanufactured product are developed under this standard, discarding all bottles that do not meet the quality standard.

In addition, GM Technology’s entire remanufactured product line is manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The company said that since 2007, it opted for the implementation of a quality system that has the certification of these regulations that support our commitment to the environment.

The company concluded: “At GM Technology we reuse 120,000 bottles of consumables per year, using remanufactured original toner that helps reduce polluting waste. One more step in our commitment to the Circular Economy that promotes the optimization of resources in a more sustainable way.”

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