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Global HCP shipment values continue growth

February 26, 2015

global hcp unitsThe latest data from IDC saw shipment value increase 1.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, though unit shipments did decline in the same period by 2.6 percent.

IDC’s findings from its Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, saw worldwide hardcopy peripherals (HCP) shipment value grow by 1.7 percent to $15.2 billion (€13.3 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2014, while unit shipments fell by 2.6 percent compared to the fourth quarter in 2013, to 30.8 million units shipped. This follows the results in December 2014, which saw shipments value grow.

Laser markets were said to have seen “positive” yearly shipment value growth of 0.8 percent for the whole year, with 10.6 million units shipped, while growth areas included “notable increases in colour laser”, though monochrome laser contracted “as the move to colour products continues”. Inkjet still “makes up the majority of the market”, but laser has seen the best growth, with two million colour laser units shipped for a growth of eight percent in the quarter.

In fact, inkjet shipment value fell 3.9 percent compared to the year before to 18.9 million units shipped, a higher degree of decline than the year before. In terms of single-functions and MFPs, the former fell by 4.5 percent to 7.3 million units shipped in the quarter and the latter by 1.7 percent to 22.2 million units shipped, though colour MFPs saw a “strong performance in all colour laser speed ranges”, particularly in 31 to 44ppm, which saw 24.4 percent growth.

On an inkjet and laser basis, inkjet MFPs dominate with 16.7 million units shipped to laser’s 5.5 million, but laser MFPs grew 2.8 percent as inkjet MFPs fell 3.2 percent. Single-function laser fell 2.3 percent to 5.1 million, but single-function inkjet fell 9.2 percent to 2.1 million units shipped. Looking at colour and monochrome toner, colour printer shipments grew by 1.4 percent to 19.2 percent market share, with monochrome printer shipments falling one percent for 80.8 percent share, though colour grew yearly by eight percent as monochrome fell 1.4 percent.

In terms of segments, the “move to faster speed […] accelerates”, according to IDC, with 45 to 69ppm mono laser seeing 30.1 percent growth, followed by 70 to 90ppm with 3.2 percent and 31 to 44ppm with 2.1 percent. The 45 to 66ppm segment’s growth was “fuelled” by Lexmark’s MX611 and 711 machines, while the colour 70 to 90ppm market saw 51.6 percent growth, followed by 31 to 44ppm with 24.4 percent and 11 to 20ppm with 16.6 percent – the latter holding 33 percent of the market thanks to HP’s Colour LaserJet Pro M276 MFP series of printers.

Finally, A3 and A4 printers’ “battle” in mid-speed segments continue, with A4 MFPs seeing growth in 31 to 69ppm mono machine with 78.3 percent share of the A3 and A4 mono MFP market, while 12.7 percent growth in this segment driven by strong results in A4 31 to 44ppm (with 4.3 percent growth) and A4 45 to 69ppm MFP (with 63 percent growth) thanks to Lexmark, Xerox and Samsung machines.

Regionally-speaking, the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) or APeJ, region was the largest in terms of shipment value with a 1.7 percent increase in the quarter, and IDC noted that the main drivers of this growth were “the introduction of new models and channel expansions for a few major vendors”, with shipments growing by 1.8 percent. Canon saw most growth of the OEMs, specifically in the USA, Canada, Japan and Western Europe, while HP saw increases in Canada and Western Europe.

Phuong Hang, Programme Director for IDC’s Worldwide Hardcopy Peripheral Trackers, commented: “In 2015, colour laser is expected to widen its lead over monochrome laser worldwide. This is largely due to continued strong growth of colour laser MFPs. While both colour and monochrome laser MFPs are expected to grow in shipments and value in 2015, colour laser growth is expected to be exponentially higher for both metrics.

“This worldwide trend is due to activity in both Western Europe and Japan, where colour laser has dominated laser value shipments for some time.”

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