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Gikar announces new products

June 19, 2019

The Chinese company has released new remanufactured cartridges for HP PageWide printers.

The latest announcement is for remanufactured HP973 cartridges for use in HP PageWide Pro 452 and 477 printer series, as well as HP PageWide Managed P57750 and P55250 printer series.

Gikar explains about its latest launch: “It has different names in different regions. HP972 is what they call it in America. Usually, it’s named HP973 in Europe. This model is called HP974 in Africa. In Southeast Asia market, this model is called HP975. Although this model has different names, the cartridges are the same, just the chips are different. 

“The premium quality are convinced by customers with satisfaction in the past three months. Right now, the remanufactured HP973 are rare resources in the market due to empties shortage, while, Gikar confirmed that they have advantages and can supply over 20,000 sets for each model every month,” the company added.

With this latest product launch, Gikar hopes to bring more business opportunities to customers.

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