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G&G launches new cartridge and ribbon packaging

January 7, 2013

Ninestar’s G&G brand has revealed new packaging for its cartridges and ribbons.

The new packaging was launched on 1 January by the company, which noted that the boxes “inherit the old image” but feature a “more recognizable King Penguin”. The boxes feature QR codes for mobile phone users to access more information about the brand and products, and is made from “premium material” with a polythene inner bag to avoid damage in-transit.

The King Penguin is said by G&G to represent “the spirit of [the] South Pole and symbolizes spirit as well as friendliness and purity”, and as the animal is “always keeping forward and striving in a severe environment”, it unifies well with G&G’s principles to be “used for the brand image” for G&G. The packaging also features instructions in eight different languages.

G&G added that the new packages will be used on “all of its products” and is “expected to popularize [the brand] all around the world”. The company stated that in 2012 it saw further market progress in a number of emerging and developed markets including Russia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Italy and Australia, with more than 30 agents worldwide including newer representatives in Latin America and Africa.

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