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Futor finds a foothold in the US

February 13, 2018


The Swiss manufacturer of toner cartridge cleaning systems, Futor Cleaning System AG, has expanded their operations to include a location in the United States. 

The company’s new American office is situated in Sarasota, Florida, and will cater to US companies with an interest in starting or expanding their laser cartridge recycling business, using Futor’s Swiss-made machinery.

Futor’s TurboClean® cartridge cleaning systems have been created to automate the cleaning process in order to make it up to 99 percent dust-free (according to Futor) as well as providing a 40 percent decrease in noise emissions. The patented design also lowers production costs, according to the Swiss company.

In addition, Futor explains, the TurboClean® machines feature “control vibration” and adjustable pressure to make the system “effective for virtually all cartridges.”

Futor was founded in 2002, in response to “the ever-increasing need […] for more efficient laser cartridge cleaning methods”. All of the products in Futor’s line can be delivered with an optional ATEX Certification, and the company’s manufacturing locations are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 certified.

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