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Fun with football as Katun says ‘Thanks’

June 29, 2018

Katun Corporation has released a new World Cup-inspired video to thank customers for their support.

The 3:52-minute video features members of staff from Katun’s various operations scattered across the globe, demonstrating their best dribbling, kicking and keepy-uppy action.

Starting with Katun Germany, the corporation ‘passes’ a football from location to location, including Katun Italy, Katun Russia, Katun Dubai, Katun Portugal, Katun Brazil and Katun France.

The ball even rolls along the desk of the Katun Executive and Finance teams, wends its way through Human Resources, experiences snow (and more snow) in Minnesota, is passed around the table of the Product Development and Product Marketing team, rolls through the R&D Laboratory (dodging researchers in white coats), and is headed through the office of Katun’s Global Supply team, eventually finishing up in the hands of Katun CEO, Bob Moore.

This fun football-inspired video is the company’s way of expressing gratitude to its customers for their loyalty and support.

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