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Full programme for UKCRA meeting

June 28, 2016

The event in Coventry on Thursday 30 June will discuss the fallout from the UK leaving the EU, alongside industry presentations.ukcra

The next meeting of the United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturers’ Association (UKCRA) is to take place at the Novotel in Coventry, England on Thursday 30 June, and members can register to attend here. This latest meeting will start at 10am, and after association matters are discussed and decided, the event will begin with a open discussion of potential impacts on the remanufacturing industry in the aftermath of the UK leaving the EU.

Ken Lalley, Static Control Europe’s Managing Director, will give a talk at the event called The industry – where next?, while Uninet Imaging Europe’s Managing Director, Zoltan Matyas, will also be giving a presentation that will look at digital marketing, and why it offers a big opportunity to remanufacturers, as well as covering what companies need to do to take advantage of it.

He also gave this presentation at Focus on Europe on 17 June, and previously gave it at the REMCON seminar theatre during Paperworld 2016 earlier this year. The meeting will also cover the association’s attempts to get clarification from the Environment Agency on three issues affecting the industry.

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