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Fuji Xerox – time to apologise

August 8, 2017

Reportedly the Fuji Xerox president and its Asia Pacific president went to Australia to apologise to the 400 staff of Fuji Xerox Australia over the accounting scandal.

Proprint reported that Fuji Xerox president and its Asia Pacific president went to Australia “to personally apologise to the company’s 400 Australian staff for the ‘sales at any cost’ culture and massive accounting irregularities revealed to have taken place under Neil Whittaker’s time as CEO in Australia and New Zealand, and the subsequent damage to the company’s morale and reputation.”

The Fuji Xerox executives also confirmed to the staff that all measures were taken to ensure that the incident could not possibly be repeated.

As reported by The Recycler Fuji Xerox New Zealand and Australia accounts investigation revealed discrepancies, Fujifilm Holdings appointed an independent committee to “review the accounting practices of the subsidiaries” and found that the “cumulative impact on net income” came to 28.1 billion yen ($4.1/€3.6 million) and on “equity” 37.5 billion yen ($336/€298 million).

As reported by Proprint, Kurihara said: “I have apologised. Fuji Xerox has now put all systems in place to make sure that our integrity and reputation will be restored. We have acted on all the suggestions made in the initial independent report. We will never again have a situation where sales incentives are allowed to cloud judgement. We are also in the process of appointing a chairman for Fuji Xerox Australia who will be responsible for governance.” This chairman is awaiting approval of their Visa and will take up their post as soon as they got it.

According to Proprint Fuji Xerox “is considering legal action against the people involved, it has already taken advice from lawyers, but is yet to decide if it will press ahead with action. It is not saying who it is considering suing, but it is almost certain to be the Mr A named in the Fujifilm investigative report, named by New Zealand MP Winston Peters as Neil Whittaker, and may also include his former Aston Martin driving top salesman Dean Murray.”

Managing Director Sunil Gupta, Fuji Xerox Australia told Prinpro: “The issue is now behind us. We have corrected our procedures and processes, and put systems in place to make sure this is no longer part of our business. Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our business.

“Our focus now is on our customers. Fuji Xerox is now a solutions and services business. We have positioned the company to enable our customers to be those who benefit from the digital disruption. We are focused on helping our customers significantly improve their performance and productivity, and therefore their profitability.”

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