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Fuji Xerox launches new wide-format printer

December 20, 2012

OEM announces release of 42” inkjet printer, supporting a wide range of applications and media types.

A new wide-format printer has been launched by Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., designed to meet the needs of a number of sectors including design, advertising, manufacturing, construction and geographic information system (GIS).

The Docuwide C842 boasts colour output speeds of 152.4mm per second or seven A0 sheets per minute and a high-resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi, making it suitable for the production of exhibition banners, in-store and backlight displays, large posters and photographs. It is also able to print on a range of media types including plain, matte coated, glossy and tracing papers, as well as bond, vellum and film.

To increase efficiency, the printer also works with a fixed-line five print head system that simultaneously produces four colour inks, with the water-baed inks said to produce smooth and natural colour gradation that sharply reproduces details, textures and fine lines without graininess. An ink circulating system also means that air bubbles and impurities in the ink are eliminated, ensuring a consistent print quality.

In terms of usability, the device can support large volume continuous printing of up to 999 A0 sheets and can serve multiple users at a time. It also has a compact touch panel display, enabling users to select from a range of output settings and to perform job checks, check power saving and consumables, adjust contrast and select different languages.

To boost the sustainability of the Docuwide printer, paper selections for different output sizes and paper direction or rotation are automatically adjusted, reducing excessive margins and waste. In addition, sample prints can be previewed before final orienting in ink saving mode, decreasing ink consumption by 40 percent. Fuji Xerox also states that the device has a low power usage of 690 watts or less in line with environmental standards.

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