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Fuji Xerox develops toner with an adhesive function

February 13, 2020

The Fujifilm Group of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has developed a special toner that has an adhesive function.

According to the company, this toner can be installed in its family of printers and multifunction devices at the same time as conventional toners, and the toner is based on a completely new concept that exerts the intended adhesion by applying pressure to any part of the printed area.

The toner is chemically manufactured using a unique Emulsion aggregation (EA) manufacturing method which enables the newly developed pressure-responsive resin to be finely and evenly dispersed inside the toner, thereby enabling a uniform adhesion function.

The EA manufacturing method enables uniform toner shape by precisely controlling chemical reactions. This toner is colourless and transparent, and when pressure is applied to the print area of ??the output paper with a commercially available pressure sealer, the pressure-responsive resin reacts and the toner exhibits a glue-like function, bonding the papers together. (See diagram below)

Fuji Xerox explained that the adhesion between papers can be controlled by adjusting the amount of toner, the printing area, and pressure sealer conditions.

By using this toner, the printing area and the adhesive area can be printed at the same time, so that the gluing step that was conventionally performed in a separate process after output can be reduced.

In addition, by changing the printing position of this toner, you can freely set the bonding location, so that it can be developed for various uses.

Giving an example Fuji Xerox said, this toner can be printed on the edge of the paper and multiple papers can be glued together to make a booklet, or a margin can be printed and folded to create an envelope.

The company confirmed it will accelerate research and development which it hopes will lead to the development of new markets by examining the applications of this toner not only in the printing market using existing MFPs and printers.

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