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Fuji Xerox Australia relocates

March 8, 2019

FXA’s new Rosehill warehouse (Credit: Fuji Xerox Australia)

The OEM’s Australian subsidiary, Fuji Xerox Australia (FXA) has left its warehouse in Mascot, New South Wales, to take up residence at a new 8,852 square metre facility in Sydney suburb Rosehill.

According to ARN, the company’s regional and local support service, along with its customer training team, will make the 40 minute journey to the new facility, which will accommodate an extra 70 people, and which boasts a customised lab environment and updated showroom.

FXA’s General Manager of Supply Chain and Customer Support, Rhys Huett, said the relocation would be “pivotal” for the company, setting it up for further growth in the future.

“The unification of our teams will better position Fuji Xerox Australia to meet the current and future expectations of our customers, and the competitive pressures of today’s market,” said Huett. “Furthermore, as a centre of excellence for eco-manufacturing and customer support, this facility will optimise our product life-cycle and minimise product waste and be a source of innovation both locally and regionally in Asia Pacific.”

ARN adds that FXA was “not clear about whether there were any redundancies related to this move.” Last year, dozens of staff were dismissed from the company, with only four out of fifty offered a full-time position, as Fuji Xerox Printers was subsumed into Fuji Xerox Australia.


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