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Fuchsbag unveil Auto Inflator at Remanexpo 2012

February 10, 2012

Gideon Görts takes The Recycler through the first viewing of the Auto Inflator.

Airbag packaging specialists Fuchsbag unveiled the Auto Inflator at Remanexpo Frankfurt 2012, with Sales Manager Gideon Görts on hand to walk visitors and customers through the device.

The machine is remarkably simple: a roll of bags is inserted and feed into the device, and produces a line of packaging bags automatically inflated and perforated. The demonstration is straightforward, although Görts comments that “it follows four years of development. The airbag is a great product, but they have needed to be individually inflated, and several of our larger
accounts have requested an automated machine. So we came up with the Auto Inflation.

“We went through two or three prototypes, testing things such as air pressure, sensors. The machine currently does end caps. And having it automatically inflate saves packing time and, therefore, expenses.”

The Auto Inflator is expected to be available in July, and is targeted towards “medium and large businesses that deal with around 5,000 cartridges monthly, and will cost in the region of €5,000 ($6,600).”

For more information, check out Fuchsbag’s website at

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