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FUCHSBAG to demonstrate new toner packaging solution at Remanexpo Europe 2013

November 15, 2012

Packaging manufacturer and distributor will be exhibiting “first biodegradable airbag packaging” at popular aftermarket trade show.

FUCHSBAG, a company that has been a manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials for over 30 years and that enables toner cartridge manufacturers to benefit from its AIRBAG inflatable packaging solutions, will be introducing its new packaging solution for the transportation of cartridges at Remanexpo Europe 2013 in January.

The new Green AIRBAG toner packaging solution is claimed to be the first biodegradable airbag packaging thanks to an eco-additive used in the manufacturing of the product which renders the plastics biodegradable when in a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill site. The packaging is also recyclable and re-usable.

Speaking to The Recycler about the upcoming Remanexpo Europe show, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on 26-29 January, Enrico Prokop, Sales Manager at FUCHSBAG said “We will introduce visitors to our latest packaging solution, the new Green AIRBAG toner packaging solution.”

Prokop added that the company intends to use this year’s Remanexpo event as an opportunity “to satisfy our prospects, to meet potential customers with available products that could benefit from our packaging solutions, and also to understand market demands.”

Visitors can book an appointment with FUCHSBAG, who will be exhibiting at booth F27, by visiting , emailing or calling +49-2173-916 330.

For more information about Remanexpo Europe 2013, visit

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