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French aftermarket association opens

July 4, 2012

The new French trade association statute has been finalised and will begin operations shortly.

The French aftermarket trade association France Cartouche Reemploi (FCR), which translates to France Cartridge Reuse, has finalised a statute and will be fully operational within the close of the week as French remanufacturers and collectors collaborate to work in the interests of the remanufacturing industry in France.

Philippe Guenin, CEO of LVL, spoke with The Recycler on the creation of the association, and what it means to the aftermarket: “Our main focus is to fight for the interest of the remanufacturing industry in France, and we represent both remanufacturers and collectors.

“We felt the need for a unified effort to speak with the French authorities, to talk collectively with the OEMs and to defend the market against clones.

“It is important for [FCR] to stand out from those in our industry that are not as ethical.”

FCR currently has eight members: Innotec, CMB, Polypore, EMAPE, Cycladis, SNT, ARMOR and LVL. While the association has applied for membership to ETIRA, and will collaborate closely with the European-wide association, it will remain independent.

Among the early initiatives from FCR are finalising and making available the website, lobbying with government bodies and maintaining regular contact within, and employing the website and other means of communicating with the public and current aftermarket product users to emphasise the importance of the quality, reliability and ethics of remanufactured products, especially against the proliferation of clones.

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