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France Cartouche Reemploi celebrate successful first working session

September 18, 2012

French remanufacturing association finalises details including operating plans, logo and details of forthcoming internet site.

LVL CEO Philippe Guenin has announced a successful conclusion to the first working session between France Cartouche Reemploi (FCR) members, detailing arrangements including the association’s logo, operating plans and the association’s imminent website, as well as collecting views and experiences on a number of industry topics.

Described by Guenin as an “experience sharing process”, FCR members detailed their collective views and knowledge on MPS, clones and the environmental impact as prevalent topics for the association. Lobbying plans were discussed, aimed towards environment agencies in France, the environmental ministry and towards members of Parliament.

Guenin continued: “We have also concluded our initial works on our shared values and finalised our ethics code […] we have planned our reactions to tenders that bar remanufactured cartridges and tenders that allow illicit clones, and more generally we have reviewed our communication plans.”

FCR’s website is planned to be active as of October 2012.

Founding members of FCR are ARMOR, CMB, Cycladis, EMAPE, Innotec, LVL, Polypore and SNT Hirson, and the association was officially registered in July 2012.

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