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Foxconn factory footage found in new HP laptop

July 30, 2012

A look inside the controversial HP manufacturing partner factory was found on a new HP laptop by a Swedish user.

Swedish YouTube user AnteboyanROX has uploaded a video found on a recently purchased HP laptop featuring footage inside a Foxconn manufacturing plant. The three-minute video reveals a production line in which three visible Foxconn staff appears to be testing components or functionality of each HP laptop, reports the Huffington Post.

The controversial HP manufacturing partner has received substantial criticism for its working conditions and pay following reports of a number of suicides within the workforce, and in 2011 300 staff at a Xbox 360 manufacturing plant threatened suicide following disruptions over wage demands.

However the leaked video has revealed little of the prevailing public image, with most technology commentators remarking on the dull nature of production line work but nothing approaching worker cruelty.

John Biggs, a writer for TechCrunch, remarked: “Essentially, you’re looking at the face of modern manufacturing. He’s not mistreated, he’s not chained to his desk, but he is building the same thing, over and over again, a prospect not many of us would relish. It’s a mundane view inside a fairly secret world that we as consumers rarely get to see.”

HP has recently announced a new printer manufacturing plant in China to be build by Taiwanese company Foxconn that is expected to produce 150 million ink cartridges annually.

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