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Foxconn bids to purchase Toshiba chips business

May 12, 2017

The technology company wants to buy Toshiba’s chip business and has made a substantial bid.

Industry Analysts reported that Foxconn Technologies, one of the biggest manufacturers of products for HP, Dell and Samsung and other electronics companies made a bid of $27 billion (€24.6 billion) for the purchase of Toshiba’s chip business but rumours say that “Toshiba will decline the offer”.

In the past Foxconn made offers for Sharp who said no but Foxconn continued until a deal was made and this acquisition would be welcomed by Apple and Google partners of Foxconn as it would save them “billions”, and it was pointed out that Terry Gou is used to getting what he wants.

It was noted that Sharp would be happy for Foxconn to acquire more than just the chip business and that “Toshiba Tec is profitable and they have a strong direct sales operation in the US, as well as a display, POS and a retail portfolio that would complement Sharp’s offerings”.

Speculating further the article asked what would happen if Foxconn acquired the chip business and also 51 percent of shares in Toshiba Tech and noted that this would resolve Toshiba Corp’s money problems.

In conclusion the article stated that Foxconn is the “biggest electronics company in the world and that it “really wants” Toshiba’s chip business and that “acquiring Toshiba Tech is not outside the realm of possibility”.


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