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Former Xerox company, Conduent, cuts jobs

June 5, 2017

 The company has cut 244 jobs at the US Highlands Ranch customer services branch.

Denver Post reported that the spin off company from Xerox Corp has cut the 244 jobs at its customer services facility where it had previously added 300 jobs in 2015.

The employees were customer care assistants and were “eliminated due to a change in business needs of a client,” said a document that was filed with the Colorado Department of Labour and Employment.

Last year 85 lost their jobs at the Xerox State Healthcare facility in Aurora and this January Conduent announced the permanent closure of a call centre in Greely where 99 employees lost their jobs however Xerox employed 2,500 people last year in Colorado.

Conduent said that the job cuts would be completed by 18 July this year.


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