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Forbes recommends appraising products for remanufacturing potential

December 20, 2011

Dipak Rath, Infosys blog writer on the business website Forbes, recommends considering the possibility for remanufacturing in a responsible supply chain.

Business website Forbes has published an article endorsing remanufacturing in an environmentally responsible supply chain. Dipak Rath, writing for the Infosys blog, remarks on how the green issue has permeated “boardroom discussion and corporate strategy”
and how “the responsible supply chain is becoming an integral part of product and packaging strategy”.

Rath notes that businesses are “finally looking at sustainability in product lifecycles as new regulations are being formulated or enforced around the world” and encourages businesses to think on “early considerations [being] given to make the product conducive to remanufacturing or recycling at its end of life” as well as “what portion of the product is
made out of renewable, recycled, or remanufactured material?”

The imaging industry looks set to benefit from such an outlook, with French remanufacturer ARMOR recently signing a new framework agreement to encourage cartridge reuse and recycling, while representatives from ETIRA and UKCRA recently lobbied the EU Commission on a future EU ecolabel for imaging technology and are anticipating positive results in the new year.

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