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FMAudit now monitors over four million printers

August 14, 2013

MPS provider has “world’s largest database of monitored devices”. mps

The company, part of ECi’s Software Solutions group of companies, has stated that data from over 4.1 million printers is now “actively collected” by the FMAudit Enterprise solution, which it claims gives it the “largest database of monitored devices in the world”, with “thousands” of office equipment dealers installing its Onsite programme at over 163,000 locations.

FMAudit stated that much of the success is due to “offering a robust suite of software products at an affordable cost”, which it claims is “lower than others in the managed print industry”. The company noted in turn that it offers the “unique ability” to offer supply and service synchronisation alongside tighter integration with the top enterprise resource programme (ERP) systems in the imaging channel, which it adds is an advantage “other data collection tools” cannot offer customers.

Kevin Tetu, President of ECi FMAudit, stated: “We are extremely happy to achieve this milestone. Having more than four million devices collecting data by our products shows the important role FMAudit plays in the managed print industry. Our loyal customers and partners have played an important role in helping us accomplish this achievement.”

Greg Allen, Vice President of Operations at ECi FMAudit, added: “Having the ability to offer our customers a solution that will place toner orders and service calls into their ERP system is invaluable. This feature takes a few steps out of the MPS process for the customer service, service and accounting teams. The process becomes virtually automated and we are excited to offer this.”

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