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FMAudit monitors over five million devices worldwide

June 2, 2014

The MPS technology from ECi added one million devices in less than a year.mps

The company announced the new milestone less than a year after revealing it had hit the four million printer mark in August 2013, with the extra million printers installed for around 210,000 customer accounts at thousands of office equipment dealers globally.

ECi stated that the majority of accounts “are located throughout North America followed by Australia, Europe, South Africa and South America”, with “strategic alliances” and “continued determination” said to be behind its push to “reach new heights with distributors around the globe”. ECi is also looking at “new alliances” with distributors and providers to continue the increase in numbers.

The company aims to achieve another milestone in the next year “as growth rates continue to trend upwards and dealers increase the number of monitored devices within their fleets”. ECi will launch FMAudit Central version four as well as “new technology efforts” and “exclusive ERP integrations” in order to push the number of devices up.

Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit, commented: “Much of our success can be attributed to the dedication of the dealer community. At FMAudit, we pride ourselves on the dedication from our team members that make FMAudit what it is today. We have a great team that is truly passionate about the industry and the direction of our product, which is to help our customers continue to be successful.”

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