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Five shipping problems outlined

December 2, 2016

If deliveries are late, these five reasons could be why.hillard-office

When businesses sell online, customers expect the delivery to be on time, but there are five main reasons why deliveries are delayed reported Hillard Office Solutions. The company noted first that if you do not know the whole of the postal address, look it up as this will delay delivery, and address validation software can help alleviate this problem.

Secondly, for faster sorting and processing at the post office, make sure you have the correct postcode. The third reason for delay is poor labelling, and a printed label is better than handwritten ones, as they are clearer than handwriting and the ink rarely smudges. Track your package, suggests the article as the fourth point, as these days most delivery companies have a tracking system from pick-up to delivery, and there are also software and pricing options that can be used.

Finally, it recommends that you should always confirm where your packages are being picked up from and what time, as to get this wrong could take a whole day longer for the customer to receive the package.



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