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Five reasons to recycle toner cartridges discussed

September 5, 2016

An article analyses why it is good practice to recycle toner

Office waste from used toner cartridges is “typical [of] office’s business technology infrastructure”, and it is “estimated that a single printer can be responsible for as much as 100 pounds each year”, reported Monster Technology, which is why “cartridge recycling is an important business practice”.

By recycling offices can reduce waste sent to landfills, particularly cartridges, as every year as many as 350 million are sent landfills, where it can take 1,000 years for the plastic and metal components to decompose. The chemicals from cartridges that have been dumped can cause toxicity to land and water, and those that are incinerated release toxic gases into the air.

Remanufactured cartridges can be reused “as many as a dozen times”, as the cartridges are recycled and the raw materials reused, which means that “36 quarts of oil” is saved per cartridge. The energy used during the remanufacturing process is 80 percent less than when the cartridges are made from scratch. The article notes that using remanufactured cartridges is cost effective, and refilling them will also save money, as the quality of the print is the same as that of a new cartridge.

By practicing recycling, businesses are helping sustainability, the article points out, and promoting green business practices by behaving responsibly, and customers appreciate these strategies. Minimising waste, preventing pollution and recycling office products helps to “conserve energy and raw materials”, and saves money.




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