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Five percent of customers choose carbon neutral printed products

June 7, 2013

environmentOnline printing services provider pleased with success of newly introduced carbon neutral printing options., based in Germany, has announced that five percent of its customers in Europe each month are now choosing to order carbon neutral printed products for a small additional sum, after the company introduced the option of offsetting carbon emissions of printing orders in January.

“Since introducing the option in January 2013, we have observed exactly how much the online shoppers are interested in carbon neutral production,” said Martin Betz, Technical Operations Manager of Onlineprinters GmbH. “The rate has stabilised already after a short time – the interest from other European countries, too, has exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with this success.”

The company is able to calculate the carbon emissions generated for each print order automatically with the help of ClimatePartner, a climate protection specialist that offers IT system solutions for carbon accounting. Climate protection projects are provided by ClimatePartners, allowing customers to select a project during the ordering process on to offset the carbon emissions created by the corresponding print order.

These projects can vary from a forest protection project in Mozambique; a hydroelectric power project in Katuntsi, Bulgaria; or a wind energy power project in Bandirma, Turkey. The extra cost to the customer is currently 0.7 percent of production costs, on average; which Betz says  is “a relatively small amount [which] reflects the high standard of environmental protection in our company.”

Betz added: “Our customers’ interest in carbon neutral production is surely due to the convenient integration into the ordering process, the attractive climate protection projects and the transparent processing. Climate protection in the mail order business requires simple and transparent solutions.”

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