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Farewell dear friend … part II

January 8, 2014

rechargerlogoLess than a year ago I was commenting on the demise of World Expo, and sadly just 10 months later the sad news is that Recharger Magazine has closed: the staff have been let go and the assets are up for sale.

Publishing has not been immune to the recession or the changes in technology, and the phrase “there for the grace of God, go I” is very apt for publishers trying to juggle the digital age with traditional print and an audience that wants the same information delivered in multiple formats. The publisher that comes up with the right formula will make a lot of money.

When I came into this industry in the late 1980s as a remanufacturer, Recharger Magazine was the “holy grail” – when you could get a copy – and was an inspiration for me in helping in the launch of The Recycler when I took over in 1997.

In 1997, publishing was all about film and getting up at stupid-o’clock to go to the printer to check wet proofs. Thankfully today, technology means I can stay in bed and check the proofs online. But publishing and event management is, like remanufacturing, an ever-changing landscape, and it is a tough space to be in.I wish everyone at Recharger all the best for the future, and thank you for the service you have provided to thousands of remanufacturers around the world.

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