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Ninestar’s booth raided by German customs

January 26, 2013

German customs officers at the raided booth

German customs officers at the raided booth

The Chinese exhibitor at Remanexpo Europe 2013 saw its booth raided by German customs officers.

A number of German customs officers surrounded Ninestar’s booth on Saturday afternoon, preventing customers on the booth from leaving and those outside from entering.

The officers then removed a number of cartridges from the booth in a cart, after checking a list against the company’s products on display and stored on the booth.

Onlookers from neighbouring booths and visitors to the show floor were warned by officers not to take images of either the officers or the raid action.

Following the raid by German customs, Ninestar have issued the following clarification:

“There was only one sample label cassette (RB-DY 45013) taken by German customs. It is a newly introduced product, and has not yet been released to the market. The patent team is confident the product does not infringe any patents, and is consulting with our German legal counsel as to how to respond with the authorities.

 “The incident had no impact on our customers visiting the booth. We had a successful exhibition in Germany.

 “As a responsible company, we won’t flee any responsibilities we owe and will also do whatever we can to protect our legitimate interests and our customers which we value very much.”

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  1. says:

    Only two new models of sample label cassette?RB-DY 45013, RB-DY 40910?were removed. These are newly introduced products that have not been released in the market.

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