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EveryonePrint to provide free access to HCP

April 24, 2020

The software company is offering Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) subscriptions to frontline services free of charge through to 31 December 2020.

EveryonePrint has launched the initiative in order to help blue light emergency services, healthcare, pharmacy and food sector providers, to benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology to make printing less complex for workers as the world combats COVID-19.

Through its global network of channel partners, EveryonePrint is offering qualifying organisations as many licenses as they need (without limits) across its core, embedded and hosted offerings (hardware excluded). There is no obligation to continue using the platform after 31 December.

“We recognise the importance of keeping essential businesses moving during this period of significant disruption. With many frontline service staff now working differently, across distributed sites or in temporary/pop up locations, including IT personnel, leveraging the benefits of cloud agility to ensure seamless and secure access to printing for everyone, has never been more important,” said Tavs Dalaa, CEO, EveryonePrint.

“HCP reduces the burden on IT, it’s easy to manage printer deployment, configure default settings and control access all from a central point. The software provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data at rest and enables organisations to use their own Trusted CA certificates,” he added.

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