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European remanufacturers form Italian association

November 20, 2012

ARMOR, Embatex, Katun and KMP have partnered to form ARTI-Italia, a non-profit association inspired by ETIRA.

In a bid to “[spread] the culture of remanufactured products in Italy and […] the aggregation of other entities in the same industry that share the same principles”, European remanufacturers ARMOR, Embatex, Katun and KMP have founded the non-profit organisation ARTI-Italia, an industry association inspired by ETIRA, of which all founding parties are members of.

Emstar Sales Manager and ARTI-Italia President Giovanni Ravelli has outlined a number of the association’s focuses, including “collaborating with public institutions such as the Provincial Administrations that manage waste legislation, Regional Agencies for Environment, the Ministry of Economy and Finance [stated as re-evaluating remanufactured cartridges] and lastly the Ministry of the Environment”, which is undergoing a guidance document for the cartridge remanufacturing industry.

In the hopes of proposing sustainable projects and improving the domestic Italian market, initial subjects broached will include GPP, Agenda 21, Green Procurement Policy and environment.

Ravelli continues: “We believe, despite being competitors, that our businesses and the environment will improve if we do our job in a fair and transparent way, and if we find serious and concrete proposals for the growth of the entire sector, both in terms of volume and benefiting a sustainable environment.

“UKCRA and FCR are actually similar to ARTI-Italia respectively in the UK and France and pursue common goals close to our own. With all of these subjects and others already in Italy, we hope to build a serious and fruitful discussion for a healthier and more sustainable market.”

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  1. nnektarios says:

    I would like to ask if KATUN is a REMANUFACTURER. If not, why participate in a REMANUFACTURERS association?

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