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EU tenders cartridge reuse study

July 14, 2016

ETIRA “welcomes” the study, which aims to “assess if cartridge reuse is promoted by member states and to suggest recommendation for EU supportive action”.EU Commission

In a press release, the European cartridge remanufacturing association noted that the “call for tender”, which is titled Study on the implementation of product design requirements set out in Article 4 of the WEEE Directive – the case of re-usability of printer cartridges, is for a study “on promotion of printer cartridge reuse”, and will be finalised in Spring 2017.

ETIRA added that “under the famous article 4 of the EU WEEE directive, member states are obliged to take measures to stimulate reuse of electronic waste like cartridges, and to ensure anti-reuse devices and practices are prevented”. The call for tender also acknowledges that “in the case of cartridges, little progress has been made up till now”, ETIRA added, noting that the study will “describe the EU cartridge market”.

ETIRA reported that it “welcomes the study”, which will also look to “identify any measures taken in member states to prevent anti-remanufacturing actions”, and “should also present specific proposals for improving the current situation with regard to the re-usability/reuse of printer cartridges”.

Vincent van Dijk, Secretary General of ETIRA, commented: “We are happy to see that the EU has singled out printer cartridges to show that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do not apply ecodesign principles when they design their cartridges. We definitively need more proactive EU action to facilitate cartridge reuse.

“The study should show that OEMs obstruct cartridge remanufacturing in many different ways, and that member states have not done anything about it. ETIRA will push for strong recommendations for remedial action, like making design for easy reuse by third parties compulsory, and insisting that government tenders buy remanufactured cartridges and eco-labelled printers only. We also call for less stringent rules for handling empties.”

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