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ETIRA talks at Static Control seminar in Romania

May 27, 2014

Attendees at the seminar in Bucharest

Attendees at the seminar in Bucharest

The association’s Vincent van Dijk spoke at the seminar in Bucharest about clones and new-builds.

The seminar, the latest from the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components, took place on 21 May in Bucharest, and Secretary General of ETIRA Vincent van Dijk spoke to attendees, urging Romanian firms “not to sell clones”.

Van Dijk previously spoke at Static Control’s seminar in Athens on 7 May, and this time spoke to local traders about clones in Romania, a country that has “a large influx of these products” due to a “low disposable income and unawareness about patents”, which results in many customers “buying illegal Chinese copies”, with public tenders also “allowing patent-infringing new-builds”.

ETIRA also “outlined the dangers involved when you trade clones”, with van Dijk mentioning the recent European legal actions undertaken by OEMs, which he noted was a “clear sign that OEMs will definitively sue you when you sell patent-infringing new-builds”. Clones also have “no end-of-life solution, but go straight to landfill”, and as such selling them is “environment-unfriendly”.

The association added that attendees were able to “learn the latest about Static Control’s top quality products and services”, with van Dijk also meeting ETIRA’s only Romanian member, TIN Factory, based in Timisoara, with co-owner Milan Banjac discussing “the latest local market issues”.

Static Control announced its plan for free seminars in Europe and Asia in March, with the first seminar taking place on 25 April in Lodz, Poland, featuring talks given by HP and Lexmark.

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