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ETIRA speaks at Static Control seminar in Italy

July 24, 2014

Salerno, Italy

Salerno, Italy

Vincent van Dijk highlighted dangers of selling clones at seminar in Salerno.

The seminar, hosted by the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components, was held in Salerno, Italy on 17 July as part of a programme of “information intensive” sessions that have been held across Europe by Static Control since 25 April.

As with each of the sessions, ETIRA had a presence at the event, with Secretary General Vincent van Dijk attending to raise awareness and educate remanufacturers and the sales channel about the dangers of clones. He presented to the audience the dangers involved when firms sell clones, highlighting the recent OEM legal actions against aftermarket companies all over Europe.

ETIRA also used the event as an opportunity to promote the benefits of becoming an ETIRA member. The association has announced that TNK Supplies (Refill Express) of Thessaloniki, Greece recently joined as a member, following ETIRA’s attendance at Static Control’s information session held in Athens on 7 May.

In addition to Greece and Italy, Static Control has held information sessions in Poland, Latvia, Romania, and France and the UK.

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