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ETIRA meets Polish remanufacturers at industry seminar

November 29, 2013

Delegates watching a presentation at the event

Delegates watching a presentation at the event

The seminar hosted by Biuromax saw the association warn against clones and “educate on public tenders”. 

ETIRA’s presence at the full-day seminar last week, hosted by Polish ETIRA member Biuromax in Warsaw, saw Secretary General Vincent van Dijk discuss the industry and the issues it faces in Poland. The seminar was “organised jointly” with the Polish Chamber of Commerce for ICT Products, and attendees learnt about clones and public tenders, with discussions held on “the creation of a national association of remanufacturers” in Poland.

The association noted that the meeting “was another step in our permanent outreach to European remanufacturers, distributors [and] end-users […] to refrain from trading patent-infringing new-buil[ds]”, and saw van Dijk discuss the dangers of selling such products, mentioning prominently the legal action taken earlier this year by OEMs in both Poland and other nations as “example[s] of [the] OEMs not just ba[r]king but also biting”.

The legal action has, according to ETIRA, “paid off” in Poland, as the market is “already experiencing a reduction in the presence of clones”, with van Dijk also sharing Polish-language versions of the association’s Guide to Clones document. On public tenders, the seminar “extensively assessed” the fact that in Poland, such tenders “often still exclude the possibility [of] offer[ing] remanufactured product[s]”, with van Dijk telling attendees why these exclusions are “in principle illegal”.

He also noted how ETIRA helps its members fight tender exclusion, whilst other speakers from the industry and from public authorities told delegates about “the elements they need to look at when tendering”, as “often, the exclusion is not intentional but simply the result of unawareness among criteria writers” in terms of the “various kinds of products available”.

Another discussion was given by Ecopartner’s Pzremyslaw Ligezowski, who presented a talk on waste management and waste transport rules in Poland, particularly noting the “possible inclusion of empties” under the WEEE legislation, which could potentially “be a major threat to the industry”.

The association added: “The seminar was also a great opportunity to network, and the group extensively discussed the possible creation of a national trade association to jointly address the many challenges facing the industry in the coming years. ETIRA thanks Biuromax for this useful initiative!”

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