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Epson’s research indicates inkjet resurgence

November 29, 2017

Epson’s L1455 inkjet printer

The OEM’s own market research shows the European inkjet printer market is looking increasingly healthy.

Epson has shared its own inkjet printer market research, reports Computer Weekly’s Simon Quicke, and it shows the inkjet fightback is going from strength to strength. Although laser printers have become more prominent in office environments over the last few years, Quicke reports that the inkjet market is showing signs of renewed vigour.

Epson’s own data seems to back this up, with its research stating that 76 percent of European business decision makers choose inkjet over laser. Predicting a strong growth in the market, the OEM also expects an increasing number of customers to change their choice upon understanding not only the cost benefits of inkjet, but also the environmental ones.

Clare Robinson, Epson Europe’s head of business sales for UK and Ireland, said: “Inkjet is gaining ground in the printing market. According to market analyst firm IDC, inkjet is expected to grow 10.2% (CAGR) in Western Europe until 2020. But there is still a knowledge gap, which is why we decided to take the choice to the market – to demonstrate the realities of inkjet versus laser and show the impact of each individual’s choice when selecting a printing technology.”


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