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Epson’s growth and future in India

October 23, 2017

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Epson India exec charts the company’s successes so far and elaborates on the company’s strategies for future development.

BW CIO World has published an interview with Epson India’s VP of sales and marketing, Samba Moorthy, in which he reveals how the company has become India’s number one inkjet printer brand and describes Epson’s future Indian growth plans.

Moorthy described India as “one of our most established markets” and explained that “we have seen our products being embraced across segments.” He explained that Epson’s rise to its current position came through understanding “the needs and requirements of the Indian consumer”; consumers demanded “low cost and affordable printing solutions” which Epson was able to provide through its cost-effective InkTank devices, which “guarantee a radical improvement in cost efficiency”.

He also described the “driving force” behind Epson’s growth as being its 3LCD Technology, which has helped the company also become India’s foremost projector brand, and said that, looking to the future, Epson “intends to address the printing needs of home, commercial and office purposes whether it is low print volume or high print volume”.

Moorthy revealed that the home and SOHO market now accounts for 75 per cent of the Inkjet market and that families, particularly with school children, “have more printing requirements.”

Accordingly, Epson is “actively targeting” these home-based consumers.

The company is also working to transition users of laser printers to their InkTank printers and will continue to develop their InkTank technology.

Moorthy explained that they foresee “a lot of growth coming from the concept of digital classrooms” and they also “expect robust growth from other product categories like billing printers (from retail), large format printers (from signage, textile etc.) and robots (from manufacturing)”.

In addition, Moorthy says, “Further expansion of service network to support business will also be a key focus for Epson.”

For the full interview click here.

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