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Epson USA: More patent infringement actions   

October 23, 2019

As the battle for the consumables market gets hotter the Epson US lawyers are working overtime with more complaints being filed.

The OEMs latest patent infringement case is in North Carolina against several US and Hong Kong-based companies, accusing the defendants of being “wilful infringers of Epson’s patents”.

The suit was filed with the United States District Court Middle District of North Carolina on 17 October by Epson, alleging patent infringement of Epson’s United States Patent No. 6,955,422 (“the ‘422 patent”), United States Patent No. 8,794,749 (“the ‘749 patent”), and United States Patent No. 8,454,116 (“the ‘116 patent”).

The defendants are BCH Technologies LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company; Max Mart LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company; Zhuhai Du Fu E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhuhai Du Fu Printing Supplies Co., Ltd.), a Hong Kong, China company d/b/a Do-It Industrial Company Ltd.; Zhuhai Xiaohui E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong, China company; Kevin Day, an individual and Shengteng Hu, an individual.

According to the complaint Epson believes that the “Defendants are engaged in the importation into the United States, sale for importation into the United States, and sale within the United States after importation, of ink cartridges that infringe one or more of the Epson Patents.”

The court documents also state that although Epson has had numerous USITC investigations and court cases successfully ending with general exclusion orders, it believes the “Defendants in this case are wilful infringers of Epson’s patents, including the ‘422, ‘749 and ‘116 patents, and violators of the ITC’s general exclusion orders.”

Epson states it is bringing this action to court to recover money damages and demands jury trial.

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